Parents, teachers and students in De la Salle should work together to promote and maintain a school environment which emphasises positive social behaviour and where Christian values are shown to matter. Encouraging good social behaviour and ‘behaviour for learning’ is an integral part of the whole school curriculum which teaches appropriate and relevant social and study skills to all students. All students should then be able to participate fully in the home, school and local community and be prepared for the responsibilities of adult life.

De La Salle School aims to:

  1. Ensure that staff, students and parents are aware and agreed upon standards of social behaviour and ‘behaviour for learning’;
  2. make clear to staff, students and parents these standards should be the norm;
  3. Recognise and reward good personal behaviour as well as condemn bad behaviour. Parents should be told of successes as well as failures in this respect;
  4. Have a system of rewards and sanctions that encourages good behaviour. These must be appropriate and consistently applied;
  5. Give students responsibilities that will encourage them to act maturely and feel responsible for their own actions;
  6. Teach children to respect each other and have no prejudices with regard to cultural heritage, religion, gender, physical or mental disability, attitude to school work;
  7. Have an anti-bullying policy which is rigorously applied;
  8. Ensure that movement around the school is well-ordered and safe for everyone on the premises. 9. ‘Adults Everywhere’ before, during and after school; 10. Ensure access to information for parents via a portal in the SIMs Learning Gateway

The full policy, Positive Behaviour, is available on our website via the parent carer tab/policies or via request made to the school office.