Welcome to the world of Business. It’s what’s happening now!

Everything that goes on in the world has some connection with the subject of Business. From the very minute you get up in the morning until you complete to your journey home in the evening, you will have had some interaction with the subject. De La Salle offers a very modern and exciting business curriculum with a wide range of options for you to choose to help you prepare for your future.

The department allows students the unique opportunity to study a subject that will prepare them for their future in whatever direction their life takes them.

Courses we offer:

GCSE in Business from Edexcel and NCFE’s Technical Award in Business and Enterprise (Level 2)

Course Content:

At the GCSE Business level students complete two varied themes (units): Investigating Small Business and Building a Business. Once both themes have been covered, students complete two exams at the end of year 11. There is a separate exam for each theme. Students study a range of topics throughout both themes including: Finance, Marketing, Customer Service, Economics and Human Resources.

For the NCFE Technical Award in Business and Enterprise, students complete two units over two years: Introduction to Business and Enterprise and Understanding Resources for Enterprise Planning. One of the units is assessed through a piece of coursework (60% of the overall qualification) and the other through an external exam (40% of the qualification). Students study the following areas as part of this two-year programme: Business Aims and Objectives, Legal Structures, Stakeholder Engagement, Marketing and Market Research, Operations Management, Human Resources, Business Planning and Business and Enterprise Finance.

Assessment summary: 

Students attend classes over a two-year period and complete various lesson assessments and internally administered exams to track their progress and inform interventions.

GCSE (Edexcel):

Investigating Small Business – external exam (50% of overall marks)

Building a Business – external exam (50% of overall marks)

Technical Award (NCFE – Awarding body)

Introduction to Business and Enterprise – external exam (40% of overall marks)

Understanding Resources for Enterprise Planning – internal assessment through a piece of coursework (60% of overall marks)

Support and character building:

The department takes students on trips to help them seize opportunities for experiential learning. In addition to these, the teachers offer interventions, revision lessons and one to one tutoring to reinforce key aspects of the learning journey.