English is very fortunate to have a team of experienced teachers within the Department and has seen excellent results in recent years. Our aims are to develop a lifelong love and understanding of both Language and Literature. We strive to deliver extra curricular activities to enhance this interest.

Students are set according to ability across all years and are supported in reaching their individual targets. Their progress is closely monitored and teaching is adapted to their needs.

Key Stage 3

Students are taught in half term modules and assessed throughout each. There is also a key assessment during each half term which will demonstrate the progress each pupil is making.

We build in the key skills for GCSE from the beginning of Year 7. We have a range of interesting and exciting texts to choose from and each year includes modules chosen from the following


  • Modern Novel
  • Pre C20th Literature
  • Media and Non-fiction
  • Poetry
  • Gothic fiction
  • Shakespeare
  • Transactional writing
  • Creative writing
  • Film
  • C20th Drama
  • Speaking and Listening


From Year 9, students are studying texts of a GCSE standard. They are assessed using GCSE style questions and marking criteria.

What can I do to help my child be successful?

Ensure that your child is reading every single day. This can be a mixture of fiction and non-fiction and will develop their skills in every area of English. Work together on research homework and check through together for basic mistakes in written work. Play word games, vocabulary games and even attempt the crossword together!

Key Stage 4

Every pupil will work towards the new GCSE (9-1) in English and Literature. We follow the Edexcel syllabus for both.

English Language

ENG 01/A

C19th fiction

1 extract 650 words

Mixture of 1,2,6 and 15 mark questions

ENG 01/B

Imaginative Writing

Choice of two tasks linked by theme to 01/A

One task has picture to generate ideas

40% – 1hr 45

ENG 02/A

C20th/21st non-fiction

2 unseen non-fiction extracts 1000 words

Mixture of 1-2 mark, 6 mark, 15 mark and 14 mark questions

ENG 02/B

Transactional Writing

Choice of two questions

Produce an article/letter/report/review/speech/textbook etc. linked by theme to 02/A

60% – 2hr

Revision and exam preparation – English Literature

LIT 01/A


Romeo and Juliet

Extract (30 lines) question + essay on this theme as it is reflected in the whole text

LIT 01/B

Post-1914 British novel or play

An Inspector Calls

1 essay question focussing on themes, plot, character and stagecraft

50% – 1hr 45

LIT 02/A

C19th Novel

A Christmas Carol

Extract question (400 words) + essay on the whole text

LIT 02/B

Anthology poetry

One question comparing two prepared poems

Unseen poetry

One question comparing two unseen contemporary poems

50% – 2hr 15


What can I do to help my child be successful?

Continue the good habits formed during Key Stage 3! Watch film versions of the texts they are studying. Share newspaper and magazine articles with them. Talk to them about why a piece of writing is successful. Encourage them to evaluate things they hear, see and read. All of these skills are vital in the new GCSE.