The provision for Special Educational Needs is a positive feature of De La Salle School. The Extended Learning Faculty is staffed by a SENCO, an Admin Assistant, a Literacy Tutor as well as non-teaching support staff. Students who have difficulty are supported either within the context of the classroom situation where they receive individual support, or in a withdrawal situation for specific, targeted interventions either individually or in small groups.

The policy for Special Educational Needs is comprehensive and follows the Essex County Guidelines and the New SEN Code of Practice. The full policy (updated in 2016) can be found in the collection of school policy documents.

Key Stage 3

SEN staff work predominantly with students within mainstream lessons. Small group work for Literacy, Specific Learning Difficulties and Social Skills are offered.

Key Stage 4

An Additional Studies Group is run. Students have the opportunity to reinforce their English + Maths skills to support their GCSE students. They will also complete life skills courses to prepare for independent living and work.