Key Stage 4

What are the aims of this course?

This course will help students to:

  • Develop their skills in ICT, using programmes, which are used in industry.
  • Develop creative thinking and to be able to communicate in a variety of ways.
  • Develop a range of modelling skills using a combination of materials.
  • Develop an understanding of materials and construction processes.
  • Develop an awareness of the value and importance of technology.
  • Promote the development of curiosity, enquiry, resourcefulness and discrimination.


How will it be assessed?

You will be expected to produce a high quality design portfolio on a task set by the exam board, which includes detailed drawings in both 2D and 3D including the use of CAD. You are also required to produce high quality 3D models, which will assess your making skills. The portfolio and model are worth 60% of your final mark. The other 40% is made up by external examination


What will you learn in the course?

The Graphic Products course will enable you to develop your knowledge and application of your drawing skills to design quality products and use materials such as paper, card and foam board to produce 3D graphic models. You will learn to use the computer to model your designs and evaluate your own work as well as the impact of graphical products on promoting, packaging and protecting a product.


What is the importance of this subject at GCSE level?

GCSE Design and Technology: Graphic Products enables students to design and make products with creativity and originality, using a range of graphic and modelling materials.
Students will be enthused and challenged by the range of practical activities possible. They will be encouraged to learn to use, understand and apply colour and design through images, to develop spatial concepts, and to understand graphic materials and their manipulation. They will design and make product(s) using graphic media and new technologies to prepare them for the world of work.


Why students should study the course?

Product Design will teach you design and make skills, which will equip you for a career within a creative field. The course will involve you in situations, which will require you to utilise these creative skills, be inventive and to succeed in problem solving. You will cover all aspects of design from clarifying and researching problems, generating and developing ideas through hand drawn and computer based rendering, communicating ideas, planning and evaluation.


Potential careers

Many of the students who enjoyed studying GCSE Graphic Products have gone on
to study A Level Product Design: Graphic Products. You can also study any Design and Technology related course post-16.

Graphic Products students usually study one or more of the creative subjects

  • A Level Art and Design, Media and/or Film
  • BTECNational Diplomas in Art and Design or Media
  • The Diploma in Creative and Media.


If post-16 is not for you, employers will value the GCSE Graphic Products
Qualification as it develops creative, technical and transferable skills.