GCSE Results 2018

De La Salle in 2017-18 has achieved another set of amazing GCSE results. This year saw the majority of subjects switch to the new grading of 9-1 with 4 considered a standard pass and 5 a strong pass. Significant achievements have been seen in the core areas, with 40% of students achieving grade 9-5 in both English and maths, which is an increase on last year, whilst 60% of students secured a standard pass in both subjects. Science excelled again with 69% of students gaining 2 sciences at a grade 9-4.

The school achieved an Attainment score of 44.16.

Schools are also measured on the average point score for all students according to the grades they receive for Ebacc subjects and this year the school gained 4.08.

Destination figures show that for the 2015-16 cohort who left De La Salle 90% went on to a sustained education or employment/training destination.