Following the results of 2015-16 which saw the school placed in the top 20% nationally, the students of De La Salle yet again excelled in 2016-17 under the new assessment measures. Outstanding achievements have been seen in the core areas, with 80% of students achieving grade 9-4 in English, 75% gaining 9-4 in maths and 70% of students gaining 2 sciences, A*-C. As a result of this success, 69% of the year group left De La Salle with a grade 9-4 in English and maths, 39% with a grade 9-5.

The school achieved a Progress 8 figure of +0.5 and an Attainment score of 48.05.

Schools are also measured on how many students achieve the English baccalaureate at grade 5/c or above and this year 35% of our students gained the necessary qualifications to be included in this criteria.

The provisional destination figures show that for the 2015-16 cohort who left De La Salle 90% went on to a sustained education or employment/training destination.