Following the results of 2015-16 which saw the school placed in the top 20% nationally, the students of De La Salle yet again excelled in 2016-17 under the new assessment measures. Outstanding achievements have been seen in the core areas, with 80% of students achieving grade 9-4 in English, 75% gaining 9-4 in maths and 70% of students gaining 2 sciences, A*-C. As a result of this success, 69% of the year group left De La Salle with a grade 9-4 in English and maths, 39% with a grade 9-5.

Provisionally, the school currently has a Progress 8 figure of +0.47 and an Attainment score of 48.02. These figures may change slightly in January once official figures have been released.

Schools are also measured on how many students achieve the English baccalaureate (achieving a standard pass in English, maths, 2 sciences, a language and history or geography) and this year 45% of our students gained the necessary qualifications to be included in this criteria.

The latest destination figures show that for the 2014-15 cohort who left De La Salle 88% went on stay in education for over two terms and 3% joined apprenticeships. 3% of students were not known to be in education or employment.