Name of Governor or Associate Member Category Term of office  End date Positions of Responsibility Committee Membership Relevant business interests* Personal relationship with members of school staff  Attendance Over last 12 months***
Catherine Burnett Head N/A N/A All Committees Pay Committee (in attendance) MBOL Consultancy Firm, Named a Co Secretary of husband’s consultancy business. ASCL None 100%
Sr Clare Kane Foundation RC 4 years 31/04/2020 None None 83%
Craig Hollaman Parent 4 years 15/05/2020 Curriculum 43%
Dean Cassar Foundation RC 4 years 01/02/2020 ICT & Technology Finance & Staffing Faith Mission & Ethos The Tech Partnership Service Ltd SFIA Foundation None 89%
Diane Andrews Co-opted 4 years 31/08/2019 Safeguarding CPD, ITT/NQT Finance & Staffing Vange Primary & Nursery School Governor None 100%
Fr Dominic Howarth Foundation RC 4 years 01/01/2020 Joint Chair Faith, mission & Ethos None None 100%
Br Laurence Hughes Foundation RC 4 years 31/08/2020 Curriculum planning & Staff/teacher appraisal None None 17%
Matt Mountford Foundation RC 4 years 06/05/2018 Section 48 Premises Faith Mission & Ethos None None 89%
Max Collis Authority 4 years 29/10/2017 Joint Chair Safeguarding Finance & Staffing Vange Primary & Nursery School Governor None 89%
Nicky Lyon Foundation RC 4 years 01/03/2020 Core Curriculum Finance & Staffing Curriculum Sole Proprietor of Chartwells Chartered Accountants Directorships of Henry Potterdale Ltd, NJK Commerce Ltd, Knightland Securities Ltd Charity Trustee of Racing Welfare & Assoc, Ursuline Sisters Brentwood Membership of ICAEW None 75%
Paula Toomey Foundation N/A 10/03/2017 100%
Phyl McLaren Foundation RC 4 years 30/04/2020 PPG, SEND, G&T EAL Premises Membership of Inst of Safety & Health None 100%
Sonia Mountford Foundation RC 4 years 06/05/2018 KS3 & 4 Premises Faith Mission & Ethos None None 89%
Paul Futcher Staff 4 years 16/11/2020 Curriculum Premises None None 75%

*  Interests that could present a conflict of interest, including whether a governor at another school

** e.g. spouse, partner, relative

*** Attendance at Governing Body and Committee meetings during the last 12 months.