De La Salle school is a Christian community, inspired by the vision and example of St John- Baptist de La Salle, where each person is invited to become the person God intends him or her to be and to live a life of faith and love, following the example of Christ.

All members of the community are encouraged to grow in awareness of their own unique worth and to use their gifts in responsible friendly co-operation with others.

Within this environment, De La Salle offers a curriculum for children of all abilities and is committed to fostering high expectations and to provide the means for these to be fulfilled.

St. John-Baptist de La Salle


St. John-Baptist de La Salle came from a wealthy 17th century French family, and when he became a Priest he was able to use this wealthy and powerful family connection to help open up a brilliant future. A chance meeting gave him the idea that he should support a scheme to open schools for poor boys.

De La Salle found these schools were poorly run, so he decided to become more involved himself and formed the organisation called ‘Brothers of the Christian Schools’. De La Salle gave away his fortune to feed the poor. He met opposition from everyone. Some of the early Brothers died young or left the Brothers. De La Salle took this to be the will of God and he wished the Brothers and their students to share this same faith and trust. His aim was that prayer and trusting in God should be the main part of the life of a school.

De La Salle added to these schools, technical schools, teacher training colleges, evening and weekend adult classes, places for training young offenders as well as boarding schools. He knew the students would be in the schools for only a short time, so he made the lessons practical, teaching the children in classes and using their own language, not Latin.

De La Salle based his values on a strong religious faith, a true feeling for the real worth of a child and a desire always to put children at the centre of education.