Each student is placed into a form group with a tutor who will normally stay with the group from years 7 to 11. The tutor works with the group during registration and tutorial time and is responsible for attendance and punctuality, uniform, tracking the progress of students and organising the extra help and guidance some students may need. Each year group is led by a Head of Year who becomes the normal point of contact between parent and school.

We also have a house system. Students are grouped into one of four houses: Cecilia, Thomas, Anthony and Theresa. The houses are led by a Head of House. The House teams are responsible for organising a number of activities including charitable and competitive events.

We also have a Year 11 prefect scheme, which gives students the opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility. Prefects work alongside staff to help the school run smoothly. They perform a range of duties from assisting at school events to helping supervise school areas at lunchtimes.