School Trips

Disability Inclusion Society…. 2 Years on….

In December 2013, a number of De La Salle students participated in building a garden at Basildon Hospital with local disabled adults. This gave them a great insight into life with disabilities and allowed them to open their minds to the needs of others in the community.

On Thursday 3rd December, we were invited to return to the DIS (Disability Inclusion Society) base in Billericay. We were greeted by an array of wonderful outdoor exhibits that were completed by the adults at DIS. The students got involved in the celebrating events by demonstrating craft and building skills.


Bishop Alan’s Visit

Bishop Alan visited the students and staff of De La Salle School on the 14th of October 2015. On arrival, Dr Curnock took Bishop Alan on a tour of the school. He visited all areas including our new chapel. It was enjoyable for both staff and students to engage and interact with him. His positive, charismatic and relaxed approach to his role proved very inviting to all.
Bishop Alan enjoyed a delightful lunch with Dr Curnock, members of SMT, Head Girl/ Head boy, school chaplains and members of the parish ministry.
After lunch, Bishop Alan was escorted to the school library where a large group of students awaited his arrival. The students had prepared many interesting questions for the Bishop. Many of this group have already celebrated their confirmation or are preparing to do so in the near future.

“As a young person, it is very important to see people living the faith. It was a honour to meet Bishop Alan in a personal way”. Year 11 Student
“To be part of this day with students that I teach was a great honour. They demonstrated sound knowledge of the role of the Bishop within the Catholic church and showed a keen interest in getting to know him personally”.Mrs Tough
“What a wonderful experience it was to meet Bishop Alan. He showed great kindness and enthusiasm meeting with the children in the library, answering their questions with great understanding and love. He had time for everyone. A thoroughly wonderful unforgettable day.” Mrs Kellett
Many younger students approached Bishop Alan with welcome cards which he received gratefully.

A delightful, inspirational man who shared wisdom and brought the
Catholic faith alive for our students.

GCSE Results 2016


We Love De La Salle

Year 7 students give their new school a big thumbs up after a wonderful start at De La Salle.
Asked to sum up her experience in two words Grace Cassar, 7A said “It’s fantastic”
Nathan Callen, 7L response was “Love it!”
When asked what do you like about your new school Ruby Shayler, said “All the people, teachers and students are nice”.
Jack Rafferty, summed up the feelings of many Year 7 students “I love doing all the different subjects and getting lots of homework to do!” This is a direct quote from Jack!!
All the students asked loved the new subjects especially French, Spanish, Food Technology, Music and Graphic Products. Pupils gave great praise to their teachers and the facilities at the school. Lauren Stevens, said her favourite thing about De La Salle is that “All teachers have amazing ways of teaching”.
Lewis Flemming, said the best thing about his new school is “The teachers” this is a fantastic endorsement of the superb teaching that all students receive from the truly dedicated staff at the school. All of the students surveyed loved the Library /iHub and PE facilities.
Asked if they had one wish, what you would change about De La Salle, Nathan Cullen summed up the majority view of Year 7 students “I wouldn’t change anything” Praise indeed!!
Mr Wilson, Head of Year 7 is extremely pleased with the manner in which Year 7 are working and making excellent academic progress. He said “The new Year 7 are simply the best”.