peer support

Peer support

Peer support is when other members of the school community help those who are having problems. If you have a problem and want to talk to someone about it then Peer Support is there for you. Peer Support Runs in Lab 4 every lunchtime. A member of Upper School will be available for you to talk to if you have a problem. They may need to discuss what you have told them with an adult so that you can get the right support to help you. Mr Girling – Year Group Progress Leader

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Book Discussion Club


DLS BOOK DISCUSSION CLUB – This is a club for everyone!

A Book Discussion Club is a group of people who regularly meet to discuss a book or books that they have read and    express their opinions, whether positive or negative. It is evident that there are many book lovers in our DLS community. Our goal therefore is to lay worth on their passion while we boost the morale of those who struggle to read. Whether students like or do not like to read, reading can    never be underestimated. My goal therefore is to put more emphasis on reading, finding ways of making this act a long lasting habit among students.  Whether you read as an academic exercise or for fun, one advantage stands out:   Reading exercises our brain. Reading is a much more complex task for the human brain rather than watching TV, for example. Reading strengthens brains connections and builds NEW connections.   LETS GET READING THEN!   (More information to follow as time goes on) Dr E. Iguisi ‐ MFL Teacher