Day 2– Financial Wall street tour
Day two began with a 7.30 am wake up call and we then headed for a NYC breakfast of bagels and toast. We left filled up ! Or did we? Day two was very busy for us, we headed down town with our tour guide to see the financial district of New York known collectively as the Wall Street area. It was our first experience on the NY subway in rush hour.
Alighting from the subway we had arrived near the Brooklyn bridge, a bridge so famous from a long list of movies, our job was to walk across this bridge into down town Manhattan. Our journey took us to the Federal reserve and the New York stock exchange. The federal reserve bank (equivalent to our Bank of England near Bank sta-tion) is said to hold 508,000 gold bars in its vaults in the basements , well below NY seabed level (does anyone remember batman movie). The bank prints $974m dollar bills each year. Each bill having a life of 20months before being destroyed. Our last visit in Wall street was to a Bull, yes the worlds famous Wall Street brass bull, visited by thousands every day. The bull represents a bull market, made from 7000 pounds of bronze. The bull arrived in Wall street as a gift to the city in 1989 following the Wall street crash of 1987. To this day it stands as a iconic symbol of pros-perity. To wrap up this section of the day, students got to sam-ple the American hotdog from a street vendor , followed by a visit to the fountain from Friends (no sign of Rachel though!)

Day 2—Ground zero (9/11)
The next part of the day took us to ground zero and the 9/11 museum. Students took time out to reflect and stand silent at ground zero, a place where so many were lost in September 2001. Students had the chance to view the museum area, where so many items of remembrance are stored safely for the generations to come. Two reflecting pools now mark the spots where the two towers stood. The names of those lost are etched into the outer walls of the pools. Fr. Mychal F. Judge, was a Franciscan friar and catholic priest who served as a chaplain to the New York Fire Department. On hearing of the attacks in New York, he put on his fire uniform and like so many other brave souls entered the towers. He was the first recorded fatality of 9/11.
Day 2—Macy’s Department store
From here we headed towards Macy’s department store which is the world largest department store. Students got the opportunity to learn about product placement, promotion and business planning during a retail workshop. Students were taken to various floors in the store and were told how designers plan and display their clothing lines.
Day 2—Hard rock Cafe
We ended our day at the Hard rock cafe in Times square. This was our first chance to see times square at night. We even met a baby here…..