As a Catholic school, De La Salle seeks to centre its work on the values of the Gospel and therefore to maintain an ethos and environment which will encourage and foster acceptable standards of behaviour, good personal relationships and a respect for the individual. To this end, bullying of any form is not tolerated by the school, and all staff and students are expected to be committed to this policy.


All staff and students should respect the individual, therefore the school will:

  1. inform parents of the school’s attitude towards bullying via the New Intake Evening and the school’s information booklets;
  2. ensure that all staff are aware of the anti-bullying policy and procedures for its implementation, a copy of which will be included in the policy folder;
  3. ensure that all students are aware of:the nature of bullying, which may include physical, psychological, racist, homophobic or cyber bullying.the measures that will be taken against bullying;
  4. make every effort to ensure that all students feel comfortable on the way to/from and within school without fear of intimidation, whether physical or psychological, from other people;
  5. encourage students to feel relaxed about informing a teacher when incidents of bullying occur;
  6. give every assistance to students when incidents of bullying are reported;
  7. provide counselling to both offenders and victim when an incident of bullying occurs;
  8. treat all incidents of bullying with the utmost seriousness.

Anti-Bullying Strategies

  1. It is essential that all staff act – and importantly are seen to act – firmly against bullying wherever and whenever it appears. The victims of bullying should feel that teachers really care about incidents of bullying and that a thorough investigation will be made of all such incidents.
  2. Students, parents and staff must ensure that any incident involving bullying is reported immediately. A written record of the incident must be passed to the Head of Year who will decide on the appropriate action, in line with the school’s ‘Behaviour & Discipline’ policy.
  3. All incidents of bullying are logged on the school’s SIMs system, available to all staff.
  4. Bullies are counselled and punished appropriately. In serious cases or after a number of repeated incidents, a student and his/her parents will be expected to give a clear, written undertaking to cease such behaviour.
  1. Victims of bullying are given help, advice and support by the appropriate member of staff, or outside agency. The victim and his/her parents are to be informed of the practical steps being taken to remedy a bullying situation.
  2. All staff, including Midday Assistants, Ancillary staff and all adult helpers will be given appropriate information, and training where necessary, in respect of the school’s ‘Anti- Bullying’ policy.
  3. These strategies will be reinforced within the curriculum, and be included in a programme of studies across whole school.

The Code of Conduct will be reviewed annually by the School Council and recommendations made to the Senior Management Team.

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