Heads Welcome

It is a pleasure to welcome our new students to De La Salle School and Language College. You are at the start of an exciting journey. Over the next 5 years you will be given opportunities to help you grow and develop your skills to become successful young adults. At De La Salle you will receive a rounded education underpinned by our Catholic ethos to ensure your education is one to assist you spiritually, socially, emotionally as well as academically. We wish you every success and happiness with us.



Welcome from the Assistant Headteacher – Lower School

Dear Parents/Carers,

De La Salle prides itself on being a ‘community school’ where each individual is valued and their contribution recognised and appreciated.

It is, therefore, with great pleasure, that I formally welcome you as new members to this community. My hope is that as parents/carers and teachers we will provide an enriching experience that leads to your student’s happiness and personal fulfilment.

Mr D Fogarty

Don’t forget to bring…

  • A strong waterproof school bag (black) that is large enough to hold A4 sized books (not a plastic carrier bag)
  • Scientific calculator
  • Reading book
  • A pencil case containing the following items:-
  • Pens (black and blue)
  • Pencils/Pencil sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Coloured pens/pencils


  • English pocket dictionary
  • French/Spanish/German pocket dictionary


You will be given a student planner on your first day at school. All homework must be written down in your planner.

Write Absent if you were not in school on a day when homework was due to be set.

Each week your parents are expected to sign the homework diary for that week.

School Uniform

Pupils attending De La Salle School and Language College are expected to wear school uniform. Here are some of the reasons:-

  • You can easily be identified as a member of the school. We hope you will be proud to be recognised in this way.
  • All the problems about what clothes to put on each morning are solved. You simply put on your working clothes; in other words your uniform.
  • The De La Salle School uniform is plain but smart and very practicable. Your Form Tutor will check that you are wearing the correct uniform.
  • Every item of your uniform and PE kit should be labelled with your name and if possible your form. This enables us to return it to you quickly if you should misplace it.
  • Ties must be worn by boys and girls.