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Stubbers Outdoor Activity Centre

On Monday 23rd September, the Year 11 OCR Sport Studies group went on a visit to Stubbers Outdoor Activity Centre. The visit was organised as part of their course for the Outdoor Activities Unit of Work.

Students were required to take part in two different outdoor activities, rock climbing and canoeing.

They thoroughly enjoyed themselves starting the day with rock climbing. Working together effectively with one another by communication to work out the best route to take up the wall. Students finished the day with canoeing, again making sure they are working  together to get the canoe moving in the right direction.

Below are some images of the students carrying out their activities where they were taught about the   safety aspects involved, as can be seen by their use of    harnesses, buoyancy aids and helmets.

Overall it was a very successful day with the students leaving Stubbers having gained some valuable experience of outdoor adventurous activities.