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Careers Guidance / Work Experience 

It is a statutory right of all students to be provided with clear, unbiased careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG).  

Careers guidance begins in Year 7 through the PSHE, Enterprise programmes, and group work. We aim to provide all students with the skills which will enable them to succeed at school and post De La Salle.  

Every member of staff in the school has a valuable contribution to the careers guidance to their   students. This is reflected in the diversity of the staff and the discussions that students have. CEIAG has a cross curriculum approach within the school with particular emphasis in Business in KS4 but all curriculum areas are expected to promote how their subject area will be useful for students seeking employment in later years. 

Students from all years participate in a range of extra-curricular events (subject to current government guidelines). These range from enterprise, citizenship, financial capability, and employability activities that give students the opportunity to develop their team work, collaboration, and communication skills. Local business guests take part in some of these days and provide commercial input that will stimulate our student’s enterprise skills. These range from mock job interviews, job scenario tasks, presentations and workshops.  

All students in KS4 are closely monitored to ensure that they have their destinations mapped out, and have the opportunity to engage in individual sessions with our external careers advisor Catherine Andrews from Southend Connexions. Students start their IAG with class and small group sessions in KS3. Connexions provide students with the opportunity to research possible routes post De La Salle signposting them to literature and appropriate websites. 

Students are continually signposted to opportunities that are held each year in the surrounding area and online which helps further their aspirations post 16. These include college and school presentations, open evenings, motivational and skill webinars. 

Students log their IAG participation and progress through the Unifrog platform which has been recently introduced in school. Through Unifrog students are able to research different areas of interest and future possible destinations. Unifrog enables us to evaluate students' experiences and subsequently to tailor the programme to the needs of students.

Students are encouraged to seek work experience placements during their holidays and the school seeks to support them through finding contacts and making initial introductions where possible. During lockdown the school purchased a number of virtual work experiences that we are in the process of using and evaluating. 

Review date: September 2023

The schools careers leader is Mrs H Butler who can be contacted through the school office: 01268 281234 or by email: 


In the De La Salle careers programme, we intend that all students receive non-biased careers advice from our connexions advisor and experience a range of opportunities, through Make Happen & the University of Essex projects, these develop their knowledge and understanding for their future career paths. 


Autumn term

Spring term

Summer term

Year 7



UNIFROG & PSHE sessions throughout the year.

Introduction to Careers advisor

Unifrog sessions

Year 8

CareersTutor talk

Unifrog sessions


Year 9

UNIFROG /  PSHE / Make Happen sessions throughout the year.

- Make Happen mentoring group

- Small group careers sessions

- Spring group mentoring sessions

- Scholars Brilliant Club spring cohort

- University of Essex campus programme

- Summer group mentoring sessions

- Scholars Brilliant Club summer cohort


Year 10

UNIFROG /  PSHE / Make Happen and Careers assemblies where applicable throughout the year.

- College taster days

- University of Essex campus programme




- College taster days

- University of Essex campus &  progressive programme

- College open day visit

- 1:1 careers interviews

- University of Essex campus &  progressive programme


Year 11

UNIFROG /  PSHE / Make Happen sessions and Careers assemblies where applicable throughout the year.


- 1:1 careers interviews

- College tasters

- University of Essex project

- 1:1 careers interviews