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Welcome to our department

  • Mr Futcher (Head of Faculty (Humanities), EVC
  • Mr Fogarty Deputy Headteacher / Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • Mrs Pattenden
  • Mr Westbrook
  • Mrs Newson

Key Stage 3:

At De La Salle School we are committed to promoting independent and active learning. To this end, we are constantly updating and modifying our Schemes of Learning to ensure that we are catering for the needs of all our KS3 students. Students are given opportunities to develop skills that enable them to discuss current affairs, to explore a range of environments and our interactions with it. Students also develop learning through investigation and enquiry. 

The department’s Key Stage 3 aims through teaching and learning to stimulate students’ interest in their surroundings as well fostering a concern for environmental issues facing the world. To investigate a wide range of people, places and environments through enquiry and problem solve whilst taking account of possible positive and negative social, economic and environmental impacts. The department’s key priority is enhancing numeracy, oracy and literacy skills so that each student is able to prepare for GSCE. Geography aims to ensure academic progress is sustained and monitored through cumulative assessments.

We hope that our KS3 students enjoy the opportunities available to engage creatively and continue to develop their skills.

Key Stage 4:

Examination board = Edexcel (Syllabus B)

This syllabus consists of three components with final examinations after the two-year programme of study.

Component 1: Global Geographical Issues. This examines three main themes such as hazardous earth, development dynamics and challenges of an urbanising world.

Component 2: UK Geographical Issues. This examines key geographical issues in the UK today. It investigates two physical and human environments through fieldwork. The fieldwork is carried out at Walton on the Naze, Essex and Stratford (Olympic Park), London.

Component 3: Making Geographical Decisions. This unit has three main themes. The unit explores people and the biosphere, forests under threat and consuming energy resources. This component includes a decision-making exercise, here students can become critical thinkers and develop arguments.