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Who we are:

  • Miss S Rothwell – Curriculum leader of PE
  • Mr M Brinklow – 2nd i/c PE
  • Miss C Davies – Teacher of PE

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum includes core sports that are delivered to every class. Students assist staff on selecting the remaining sports for their curriculum, to raise engagement and to tailor the curriculum to their individual needs.

At the start of each half term students will participate in a week of fitness training before moving onto the next sport on the curriculum.

Students will participate in three fitness tests a year and will have a retest so they can monitor progress and improvement. This is also aimed at developing knowledge of this important area within the sport industry.

KS3 students will undertake three lessons of a theory topic which aims to develop knowledge and understanding of key areas of PE and also engages students who may find the practical element more challenging or not as engaging. This is an assessed topic.

Year 9 will be assessed in sports leadership to improve leadership skills, confidence and also promote different roles within the sports industry.

Compulsory activities for KS3 students: Basketball, Football, Netball, Rugby, Health related fitness athletics, Table Tennis, dance and outdoor adventurous activities.
Optional activities for KS3 students: Handball, Dodgeball, Rounders, Softball, Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Gymnastics and Dance.

Key stage 4

Cambridge National sport studies Level 1/2
Examination board – OCR
This course is equivalent to the GCSE course. Students will be awarded the same points and a grade equivalent to the GCSE. This course will allow students to take A levels, Btec and National Cambridge awards at 6th form or college.

New Specification Cambridge National Sports Studies Level 1/2
Year 10 2022 onwards
In Year 10 students study:

  • Sport and the Media
  • Performance and Leadership and sports activities

Old Specification Cambridge National Sports Studies Level 1/2

Year 11 2022 - 2023
In Year 11 students study:

  • Developing sport skills
  • Sports Leadership

Key Stage 4 Core PE

Students participate in a structured core PE programme designed to:

  • Maintain physical activity levels and engagement levels.
  • To promote a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • To encourage participation in lifelong sport / physical activity.
  • To develop key life skills and leadership skills (such as teamwork; co-operation; communication; resilience).
  • To provide an opportunity for students to learn about their strengths and weaknesses in a practical setting.

The programme for both year groups consists of:

  • Fitness sessions
  • A sports leadership programme
  • Inter class competitions
  • Recreational sport
  • Athletics / rounders / cricket / softball
  • All students have 1 lesson of Core PE a week.
  • Outdoor adventurous activities.

In Year 10/11 we do not formally assess performance in practical activities.

We simply look at attitude to learning and give them an ATL grade; whilst teaching various different practical activities.

There is not a qualification for Core PE. However, students do participate in a sport leader leadership course, which can be added to their CV for college and employment purposes.