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At De La Salle Religious Education is fundamental to the school’s very identity and existence. With a dedicated and experienced team, our department works passionately to empower all of our students by offering a challenging and diverse curriculum to nurture potential and celebrate progress.

R.E. lessons are given to all students across key stage 3 and 4 using the syllabus outlined by the Diocese of Brentwood.  

Key Stage 3

In year 7, 8 and 9 students explore in innovative ways the key elements of Christian belief, the teachings of Jesus Christ the human person, the Church and the Sacraments – all according to the Roman Catholic tradition. We also strive to touch the hearts of our students with particular care for the poor or needy, and develop their potential to the fullest through a Christian education which finds it roots in the La Sallian spirit of Faith, hope and love. A 2nd world religion is studied in depth at KS3 due to changes made to the GCSE curriculum. We study Judaism, focusing on beliefs & teachings as well as practices and ways of life for a Jew in modern times.

A variety of teaching and learning styles and resources are used to realise these aims. Students explore issues through debate, religious discussion and group work. Drama and role play are used extensively in year 7 to 9 alongside film, art and music to stimulate discussion of religious issues. The RE Department is also interactive in the use of ICT however, research and essay writing still retain a high priority.

Key Stage 4

At key stage 4 students follow a linear approach at GCSE. 100% of their final grade is achieved in year 11, where they will sit three papers.

Paper 1 is based on Catholic Christianity where the students will focus on the meaning and importance of Christian beliefs and values, issues surrounding community and tradition in the Catholics’ Church, meaning and importance of worship and celebration, and finally looking at the meaning and importance of living a Christian life.

Paper 2, the students explore contemporary moral issues from religious and non-religious perspectives focussing on issues surrounding belief in God, matters of life and death, marriage and family life and religion and community cohesion.

Paper 3, study of 2nd religion: Judaism. Students study in depth key beliefs and teachings, practices, acts of worship, festivals celebrated and how beliefs held affect the lives of both reform and orthodox Jews.

There is no coursework in GCSE RE therefore exam preparation is a permanent and ongoing aspect of all lessons.

For those few students for whom the full course may not be accessible a shortened course is available.