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Welcome to Statistics

GCSE Statistics gives students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in a key component of maths that is relevant to everyday life. They will develop a core statistical grounding, as well as transferable skills and understanding that is applicable to a range of other subjects. It will also give a deeper understanding of the statistical content in mathematics.

It complements subjects such as GCSE Biology, Psychology, Geography, Business and Economics, and opens the door to a variety of careers – from weather forecasting to the biological sciences.

Statistics is an optional subject which can be chosen to study in Years 10 and 11.

Statistics is split into 3 areas:

  1. The collection of data
  2. Processing, representing and analysing data
  3. Probability

Tests are completed at the end of every unit of work and are marked and graded by the teacher.

Homework will be set at least once a week. It may consist of finishing off an exercise started in class or completing another related task. This will usually be marked in class by the students.

There are specific homework tasks which test prior knowledge. These will be marked by the teacher.

We use the two-tier linear course from EDEXCEL (specification 1STO).

This consists of two written papers taken at the end of Year 11; both are calculator papers and require the use of a scientific calculator. Each paper is 1½ hours long and is worth one half of the total mark.

Specialist Equipment

The following equipment is essential:

  • A scientific calculator (the Casio fx is recommended)

These are available from Student Services at a discounted price.