De La Salle School is a small, thriving Catholic comprehensive school for boys and girls aged from eleven to sixteen.

Our school is situated on the northern side of Basildon in one of the most attractive sites in South Essex. As a Catholic school we respect and value all faiths, beliefs and cultures and welcome students who wish to share in a Catholic education.

Our Core Values


We aim to help students acquire the knowledge and understanding within a broad and balanced curriculum to equip and prepare them for the world in which they live.


To assist the students in gaining an understanding and appreciation of the Catholic Faith through love and faith in Christ and thus to strengthen respect for religious and moral values in their daily lives.


To help students develop lively and enquiring and creative minds, a love of learning, to apply themselves to tasks through the virtues of self-discipline and hard work.


To develop, in students, an appreciation of their own worth and self esteem and thus to respect other people, other faiths and other cultures.


At De La Salle the teachers and students strive to achieve excellence. High calibre teachers are deployed to facilitate exciting and enjoyable learning. Well planned lessons and assessments enable accelerated learning and ensure that every child succeeds and often exceeds expectation.
At De La Salle we expect high standards of achievement. With a wide ranging and balanced curriculum at Key Stage 3 and 4, we offer the flexibility and choice to maximise each students potential, to develop enquiring minds and to instil a life long love of learning.
At Key Stage 3 students study a broad and balanced curriculum. At Key Stage 4 students study all the National Curriculum subjects and can choose from a further range of stimulating GCSE and vocational course options. Choices are well informed by detailed consultation between parents, students and teachers. This ensures that all students in Key Stage 4 study a curriculum based on their needs, interests and aspirations.
Classes are set according to ability with regular reviews to allow for progression and to increase motivation to improve. All students follow a detailed programme of Personal, Social and Health Education, which includes Sex Education and Citizenship. Students’ progress is closely monitored and parents are kept well informed throughout the year via a meaningful assessment and reporting system.
“A relentless focus on the quality of teaching by leaders and governors has ensured that achievement is improving.”
OFSTED, November 2014


At De La Salle a thriving partnership between teachers and families ensures that children are cared for and supported as young people growing up toward a contented academic, social and spiritual life. In keeping with the teaching of our patron, St. John-Baptist de La Salle, a genuine care for students is at the heart of our school’s philosophy and lifestyle. We have a comprehensive and long established system of pastoral care, ensuring that the needs and interests of each student are met and that they feel confident and valued members of our community from the start of school life. Our tutorial programme is highly organised, with form tutors being

the first point of contact for students. Individually planned support is provided for students with Special Educational Needs through our Extended Learning Faculty.
A relationship based on mutual trust and consideration between staff and students helps to foster the learning, well being and overall development of each individual. Discipline is firm and we expect our students to be hard working, self-disciplined and well mannered at all times.


“The chaplain provides outstanding service to staff and students in engaging them in preparation of and participation in collective worship.”

SECTION 48 INSPECTION, February 2016

Our patron, St. John-Baptist de La Salle said to his first teachers – “You were called to make God known” – and we follow his words, believing that we need to make God important in our lives and in our decisions. De La Salle seeks to foster a knowledge of Christ, the Christian Faith and an understanding of the faiths of others. Religious Education helps to create a loving Christian atmosphere based on the Gospel values that guide our attitudes to God, to ourselves and others. This is the responsibility of each member of the school community, supported

by the priests, deacons and sisters of the Basildon Catholic Team Ministry. Religious Education has central importance to our curriculum. We have a full programme of assemblies allowing for collective act of worship as well as a religious focus throughout tutorial time.
Students have many other opportunities to attend Mass, pray, reflect, discuss and deepen their relationship with God, their loved ones, friends and teachers.

“Students treat each other with high levels of respect and are aware that their actions have consequences for others.”

SECTION 48 INSPECTION, February 2016


A great strength for the school is the way in which the students interact with each other. The older students are excellent role models for the younger ones.

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities and all students are encouraged to get the most out of their time by taking part. We believe that it assists not only their personal development but increases their confidence and self-esteem.
A range of instrumental lessons are also offered and students are encouraged to enter for external examinations. We also have a full programme of sporting activities. The school provides the opportunity for participation in basketball, football, athletics, cricket, rugby, cross country and netball. Our teams participate at local and district level with much success.

We are committed to ensuring that each student makes confident and well informed decisions about their health, economic, social and academic future on leaving our school. We offer a detailed careers and life guidance programme in partnership with our local further education and sixth form colleges, universities, careers service and business people.

“Lessons are well planned to ensure the development of students prior learning.”

SECTION 48 INSPECTION, February 2016


At De La Salle School and Language College, we recognise that students of this generation learn and engage in education differently than students in the past. Research has demonstrated that students today learn best when they are actively involved in their education, and technology engages students of all ages and at all academic levels. Students are offered opportunities to utilise technology to enhance their learning both in and out of the classroom.

“School leaders have worked successfully to prepare students for life in modern Britain.”

OFSTED, November 2014


At De La Salle, we view education as a life long process that continues beyond the classroom experience.

“The school’s work to keep students safe and secure is outstanding.”

OFSTED, November 2014

We provide a wide range of extra curricular activities for our students. Enrichment activities are on offer before and after school. The school participates in local and regional events and team activities.

Students can also take part in subject specific enrichment across a wide range of areas.

Our library and computer facilities are available for students to extend and develop their learning, interests and homework at lunchtime and before and after school.


At De La Salle, we place great emphasis on every student having high aspirations – we want each individual student to be able to have a variety of life choices, made possible by successful examination results.

Student progress is carefully and regularly tracked and parents informed at 5 stages during the year. Student targets are individually set and are purposefully demanding. Additional intervention programmes are available as appropriate to stretch and challenge.


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