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Key Stage 4

What are the aims of this course?

  • identify and experiment with graphic design components
  • learn about graphic design briefs, refining and selecting ideas
  • form a graphic design portfolio and explore creative direction.

How will it be assessed?

Learners will be expected to produce 4 Units of coursework over the 2 years, their coursework will start from day 1 of the course and each unit of work is internally and externally assessed. This is 50% of the mark. There is also a 10 hour external assessment where they will produce design work for a brief, this is also 50% of the mark. Learners must at least get a Pass Level 2 in each Unit and the external assessment to pass the course.

What will you learn in this course?

Graphic design is a form of visual communication. It is the process by which visual information is given form and structure to communicate a message. Being a graphic designer is the profession of visual communication that combines images, words and ideas to convey information to an audience. It involves designing print or electronic forms of visual information for advertisement, publication or a website. This qualification focuses on an applied study of the graphic design sector and learners will gain a broad understanding and knowledge of working in the sector.

What is the importance of this subject?

If your child is interested in the art or design sector then this is a valuable subject to support any design related job. It enhances their skills from KS3 and combines the theory and practical skills they have learnt to create a range of different design outcomes related to a brief and target audience, in a very similar format to how it would be studied at further and higher education. They will also use a range of different computer software which will prepare them for the world of work.

Why students should study the course?

Graphic design enabled students to design pieces of work with creativity and originality, using a range of graphic materials. Students will learn time management skills, independent learning skills and problem solving skills, which are excellent transferable skills for the future. They will be encouraged to learn and use colour, imagery, typography, tone, composition and line in their designs and develop their ideas and evaluate them which are excellent creative skills for any design related industry.

Potential Careers

Learners who achieve this technical award qualification could progress onto level 3 qualifications and A Levels, such as:

  • Level 3 Applied General Certificate in Art & Design
  • A Level Design and Technology
  • A Level Art & Design: Graphic Communication.

It may also be useful to those studying qualifications in the following sectors:

  • design and technology
  • art and design
  • creative media.

If post-16 is not for you, employers will value this Qualification as it develops creative, technical and transferable skills.