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Year Group


(Health and Wellbeing/ Living in the wider world)

RSE  (Relationships)

Year 7

Introduction to PSHE.

Healthy Lifestyles. Health introduction.

How can I keep healthy? – Food groups/ diet/ nutrition Consequences of not eating healthy. 

Healthy Living – exercise and keeping active Black Lives Matter. Anger Management.

Periods. Puberty. Dangers of smoking/alcohol.

Dangers/classes of drugs. Mental health – depression.  FGM. Consent

Religious Understanding – Who am I?

Family relationships. 

Personal Identity. Importance of Diversity. My Body Good friendships. Emotional wellbeing – healthy inside and out.

Love and Relationships – dealing with new feelings. Radicalisation.

Life Cycles – where we came from.




Year 8

Introduction to PSHE.

Cancer Awareness. Emotional Literacy. Self Awareness

Consent. Black Lives Matter. Managing behaviour to achieve. Personal Safety / First Aid. Teen pregnancy / parenting.

Stereotyping, discrimination and prejudice, disability focus.

Nicotine, vaping, addiction. Mindfulness. Knife Crime. Self-confidence. Boosting Achievement.

Religious Understanding – Introduction to RSE

Created and Chosen. Domestic Conflict. Body Image and the media – boy focus.

My Body – Deepest identity. Who are extremist groups – why are they dangerous. Sexting. 

What do I do with these feelings? Consent. Pornography.

Life cycles – before I was born.



Year 9

Introduction to PSHE.

Alcohol awareness – consequences. Drugs and the law. 

Managing anxiety. Black Lives Matter.

Responsible Health Choices – Vaccinations, blood donation.

Acid attacks. Coping with stress.

How are we protected from prejudice and discrimination?

Knife Crime. Growth mindset. Self harm.

Religious Understanding – the search for love.

Body Image and the media – girl focus.

British communities. Diversity, immigration.

My Body – Love people, use things.

Body Image and the media – eating disorders focus Respect and celebrating British values.

In Control of my choices. Domestic violence in relationships.

Year 10

Introduction to PSHE.

Hate Crime. Homelessness. Bing drinking. Black Lives Matter.

Managing grief and bereavement.

Managing social anxiety. Why do people commit suicide? 

Social media and self-esteem. Screen time: how much is too much.

Tattoos and piercings. Study Skills. Living sustainable. Consent.

Authentic Freedom. Relationships with role models. Self Image.

Community Cohesion. Conflict management. 

Values, Attitudes and Beliefs. 

Forced and arranged marriages. Gender and Trans identity.



Year 11

Introduction PSHE.

Writing a CV. Consent, rape, sexual assault.

Black Lives Matter. Digital footprints. First Aid CPR How does privilege affect us? Obesity and Body positivity.

Personal safety in the wider world. Gambling and online safety. 

Study skills. Identity and Diversity. The importance of sleep.

Self-worth. Relationships with role models. Addiction.

Community Cohesion. Conflict Management. Eating Disorders.

Forced and arranged marriages.

Gender and Trans Identity. Birth Control.