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Aim of the course: The aim of the course is to offer students the opportunity to engage in a critical and practical understanding in lens based and light-based photography that encourages a direct engagement with meaningful, original work and practice. Students will explore new skills, techniques, knowledge and develop an understanding of photography.

Assessment: Students will be made aware of the assessment criteria from the beginning of the course and all students will be committed to creating a high standard of work. Coursework will be assessed on a continuous basis with written and oral feedback throughout the course. Weekly one to one tutorials will be held with each student to discuss progression and coursework to ensure all deadlines are met.

Portfolio of work is weighted at 60% of the final grade. External task accounts for the remaining 40%.

What will they learn?

Students will develop a wide range of both technical and creative photography skills studying:

  • Viewpoints
  • Composition
  • Depth of Field
  • Location Photography
  • Development of ideas
  • Traditional darkroom techniques/Digital techniques
  • Studio Photography
  • Specialist in- house workshops
  • Documentary photography Photo-journalism
  • Studio photography
  • Experimental imagery
  • Installation
  • Moving image: film, video and animation

To work independently

Work is not limited to one area of study.

This course is also supported by a wide range of enrichment visits to galleries and specialist workshops and an overseas enrichment visit.

A genuine interest in this subject is essential to ensure students can progress and ultimately achieve their true potential.

Students would benefit greatly from having their own camera. Mobile phones can be used for some work.  Students will be responsible for printing their photographs for their coursework in Years 10 & 11.

School cameras are available to be used on school site only.